How to Apply for the MCO Visa Card

Step by step instructions.

Take a few minutes . I recommend that you consult this guide on a PC while using the Smartphone.

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Download the App from the Store of your Smartphone .

Search for " APP " in your store. The App is really well done and will be easy to use.

You will like it and it can give you great advantages and opportunities that you will slowly discover.

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Please identify.

The procedure is very simple, fast and well guided like few others.

You won't have any problems and shortly afterwards will send you a confirmation of your identification.

They're super fast


Access the Card section.

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 shown in the image.

Be sure to select "With CRO Stake"


Confirm Stake (Deposit) of 6 Months.

You will be asked to define a debit / credit card to which the 2500 CROs will be charged

At the time of purchase, you will see the exact value of the 2500 CROs in your currency.


Confirm the purchase and the STAKE (Hold).

By doing so, you will benefit from all the benefits of the MCO Visa Card for which you have come this far.


Confirm the Payment Preview.

You will be offered a summary of the purchase of the 2500 CROs.

As you can see, no commission will be applied


Define where to receive your Card.

You will receive the MCO Visa card without shipping costs


Great! Your MCO Visa Card will arrive soon.

And you're just at the start.

In the meantime, you will have received 25$ immediately (as you can see from the newly updated balance). Once you have received the MCO Visa Card you can transfer them to the card and spend them immediately.

When you have more confidence in the MCO Visa Card and , you will be able to share your Promo code with friends and family.

For every stake of at least 2500 CRO, you will both receive 25$