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The Visa Card with 2% Cashback on any purchase

The debit card is issued by, a well-known company whose mission is to accelerate the transition to the world of cryptocurrencies.

MCO Visa Card, Cashback +25$ welcome bonus referral code

€ 0 / mese

MCO Visa Card, Cashback +25$ welcome bonus referral code

All the advantages.

  • 2% Cashback on any purchase

  • 25$ Welcome Bonus

  • Beautiful metal card

  • 100% Discount on Spotify Premium, every month

  • Instantly rechargeable by simply charging a debit / credit card, without commissions.

  • Ability to see your cashback increase in value over time .

How to Apply for the MCO Visa Card .

  1. Download the APP and register
  2. Make a stake (deposit) of 2500 CRO (About 130 € as of 30/08/2020)
  3. Immediately receive a 25$ Welcome Bonus .
    The initial deposit is reduced to approximately € 90
  4. Receive your MCO Visa Card by post at no shipping cost

At this point, for any purchase, you will receive 2% cashback .
In addition, every month, by charging the Spotify cost to this card, the full amount will be credited back to you (in CRO).

Why Stake .

In a Stake is equivalent to a deposit. To get all the benefits of the MCO Visa Card with 2% Cashback , a stake of 2500 CRO is required, the equivalent of approximately 130 € (as of 30/08/2020).

Remember that you will receive a 25$ bonus from as soon as you make your deposit, so your investment drops to around € 90.

After 6 months, you will be able to withdraw the deposit (by doing so, the caskback would go to 1% and Spotify will not be re-credited).
However, 6 months will be a sufficient period for you to appreciate the advantages of the MCO Visa Card and the potential of I'm sure at that point, you'll just want to keep this small deposit.
I did the same.

What is CRO? .

The CRO is the Token. From the application it is convertible into the main official currencies or immediately spendable through the MCO Visa Card.

As of today 08/30/2020, the CRO has a capitalization of approximately 3.5 billion dollars.
Its value in the last 6 months has increased by 260%